Formal Carers





Carers who are working in residential or nursing homes or who are providing care in people's own homes are one of the most important groups of people when it comes to identifying those people who are most at risk of developing pressure ulcers.

By understanding what factors increase someone's risk and then what you can do to intervene you will be better equipped to prevent pressure ulcers in the people that you care for.

We have produced a pressure ulcer triggers form which will enable you to check the five areas that have the greatest amount of impact on risk:

- the Surface which a person is lying or sitting on

- regular inspections of the Skin

- an individual's ability to Keep moving

- whether someone has become Incontinent

- how much Nutrition (food and drink) they are taking on

These five elements make up the community SSKIN bundle which allows you to assess someone's level of risk and then intervene accordingly.


We have developed a simple form to help you check and record these areas called the Pressure Ulcer Triggers form.  If you would like to use this form please download it below.

Pressure Ulcer Triggers Form


We also have information leaflets for family members so that they can understand how they can help and support you in your efforts to reduce pressure ulcers.  To use this leaflet please click below to download it.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Leaflet


If you are unfortunate enough to have to deal with a pressure ulcer then the following tool will help you to understand the various classifications of pressure ulcers that you may come into contact with.

Pressure Ulcer Classification


Understanding Incontinence Associated Dermatitis and how to treat it with specialist creams is also a key part of caring for the skin.  To view a care pathway provided by 3M please click on the link below.

IAD Pathway


Barrier creams are often prescribed for people whose skin is at risk due to incontinence issues.  Below are links to two videos that show how best to apply either a cream or a spray to skin that is already at risk.





If you want to improve your own knowledge then why not book onto one of our training courses to ensure that you have all the tools to help you prevent pressure ulcers and to help educate others who might be at risk.  See whether we are in your area and then contact us on the Contact Us page and book your place.